Praying for rain !!

Hard to believe but NOT to cool the atmosphere in our locality. I want a hard rain to saturate the soil and wash away the “dog odor.” Ten dogs in my yard for about five hours left an indelible impression!! True story: I’ve hosed the patio, ramp (to my door), driveway and yard close to my trailer home. The odor lingers!!

I hasten to say: I am very sensitive to odors. The odor of ozone almost killed me in 2009. The odor of moth balls (*) made me deathly sick in 2013. I have an uncanny sense of smell–perhaps due to my effort to live a healthy lifestyle.

Who would imagine that a dog bite would be “a blessing in disguise” ? With 20/20 hindsight, I can only speculate about the horrific odor over the period of one week. Honestly, I hadn’t considered “that”  when I offered to care for Gabriella and her nine pups.

(*) Four years later, I was facing eviction.

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