Unexpected thunder-storm

For an extended period of time, no TV and no Internet because a thunder-storm blocked the signal.

Below are “before” pictures. When I moved here, during and after a rain storm the entry was a sea of mud. This evening, I spent time outdoors, in the rain, and witnessed the volume of water cascading from that corner of the roof. ~~ **If** I owned the property, I’d install a gutter to divert the water. Second best: I installed cement blocks so I don’t have to walk through mud and water.




I took a dozen pictures trying to capture a lightning flash. Unsuccessful!! Oh the joy of that unexpected thunder-storm!! ~~ I turned off the air-conditioner and opened the door. Still eighty-one degrees indoors but comfortable.



The storm had moved west, out of our area, prior to the 10:00 PM TV news.

Monday, June 4, 2018: A trip around the yard revealed little damage but lots of debris. Side note: The A/C  has been “off” for twelve hours. That’s awesome!!


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