Pleasant surprise !!

Working in my “front” yard, I enjoyed the pleasant smell of flowers. I attributed it to the Mimosa trees in two neighboring yards. ~~ Kept moving from one unscheduled project to another. I was trimming sucker growth from base of a tree before launching into another “trimming” project.


Trimming the dead tree was near the bottom of my “to do” list. (It was inconspicuous among the trees.) Eventually I would eliminate the dead branches. It’s a beastly humid morning and anyone in her right mind would be enjoying air-conditioning.  “Yours truly” created a legitimate “bottle tree.”


My “pleasant surprise” was discovery of the Gardenia bush blooming at the edge of the carport. I was smelling the Gardenia and not Mimosa.

Only one-quarter inch of rain in the gauge but everything is soaking wet and humidity is still high.


Versus “illegitimate”  bottle tree.

One comment on “Pleasant surprise !!

  1. Sincere THANKS to a dear friend and faithful follower. In an email, she pointed out that I misspelled the name of the Mimosa tree. I’ve corrected….

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