Turn back the clock !!

This day is off to a bad start!!

Just prior to my absolutely always bedtime (10:00 PM), I took one capsule of Live Better (brand) Sleep Support. The hours moved slowly as I periodically pushed the button to illuminate the clock. Suddenly, at 3:30, I awakened realizing I had been asleep for one hour or less. I distinctly remembered looking at the clock at 2:30 AM. So-o-o-o, from my bedside I opened the bottle and took two Natrol (brand) Melatonin. (It hasn’t been “working” for me.) Perhaps it helped a little? I was wide awake again at 5:00–aware that I had been asleep. (I scribbled notes so I have accurate information.) Two more Natrol Melatonin and “perhaps it helped a little?”  At 7:15, I was instantly wide awake again–got up and started my day.

I hate to use air-conditioning day and night!! My trailer home was HOT!! Two fans were blowing the hot air around; the door was open but little night air entering the trailer. Only one window I can open because barely one inch on either side of the trailer between “the barn” roof supports.

“Yours truly” is functioning on less than four hours sleep. Yesterday’s sleep aid purchase wasn’t an answer for my sleepless nights!! Furthermore, this morning I cannot get my usual Today show on DISH satellite. I’ve tried everything imaginable and TV is “on” and DISH is “on” but the program(s) won’t appear. Everything was working fine when I turned the TV off last night. As stated “I’ve tried everything imaginable….” ~~ Can we turn the clock back twelve hours and start over??

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