TruthFinder from Lorraine’s point of view !!

Truth Finder ~~ The Internet ad caught my attention and this little fish bit the hook. It cost me $27.78 to view a report that was advertised as a  detailed view of information about yours truly. Well, quite truthfully, I was very disappointed!! TruthFinder has all my phone numbers, and addresses for twenty-five years,  and the names of folks who likewise shared those addresses (apartment dwellers, etc.). Although they indicate they have “relatives.” none of mine were listed. Nothing about my employment, and retirement from, Los Angeles County. TruthFinder reminded me of a “fender bender” in June 2000 (which I had forgotten). TruthFinder was quick to advise me that forty (40) sex offenders live in the area (with their names and addresses). Quite frankly, I hoped to see details of the books I’d edited and published, the websites I own and manage, and the organizations where I volunteered. ~~ IMHO, save your money!!

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