Wacky weather !!

Wearing a sweater as I prepare this blog message!! Note the temperature change in twenty-seven hours. One night I’m wet with sweat, one night I need a blanket. Earlier I wrote about refusing to use the air-conditioner so early in the year. Now I could use “just a little heat” but I won’t resort to the heater either. (Stubborn old lady!)

Last evening I had a guest and we were sitting on the patio. I was chilled and forced to come indoors for a jacket!! I repeat: “Wacky weather.”

Furthermore: Lack of sleep. I’m functioning on three hours sleep–and coffee. Melatonin doesn’t “work” for me and “stubborn old lady” does not want to graduate to sleeping pills. There are hundreds of projects demanding my attention and I haven’t an ounce of energy!! (Easy to sit at the computer with a cup of coffee.)

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