Fighting depression !!

Went shopping!!  Four thrift shops, Dollar Tree–and Taco Bell.

With all the talk about “Cinco de Mayo,”  I decided I wanted “Mexican.”  Not that Taco Bell  is authentic “Mexican”  but I didn’t want to go to a sit-down restaurant to eat alone. Gospel truth: I’ve lived in Livingston for four-and-one-half years and this was my first visit to local Taco Bell  (I seldom “do” fast food). ~~ At Dollar Tree, I decided to purchase purple vases for “pretend” purple flowers on bottle bush. ~~ At one thrift shop, another “milk glass” white vase for my patriotic (red, white & blue) bottle display(s). Another shop provided the decorative candle holder. In-my-mind’s-eye, I envisioned completion of another long-anticipated bottle project. ~~ Last: A couple of hours at the “open house & ribbon cutting” for new location Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I was a volunteer so this was an opportunity to visit with friends and acquaintances.


The wine bottles are very unique. There is a picture that appears by looking through the empty bottle glass. Too unusual to turn upside-down over the spike of a bottle bush. I’ve looked for some way to display them. (Found the picture [left] on the Internet.) “No, I didn’t drink the wine. An acquaintance shared with me when I started my bottle bush project.”

“Depression” because today is the birthday of my first-born son–but three sons have written me out of their lives. I grieve the estrangement from children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren!!

Preview of  “patriotic”  to be on display in my yard later this month. ~~ Question: Should I mix the blue and clear on top two rows?

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