Ridiculous !!

Remember all the glass containers (bottles, vases, etc.) I collected for Bottle Bushes and Bottle Trees? Today I made phone calls to locate a recycling site for glass. (Because I have more… than I can use and more than other folks can use.) The closest location is WACO, TEXAS. ~~ I’m passionate about “recycling” but definitely will not be driving that distance to properly discard of. ~~ I don’t know the mileage because every website I searched wanted me to add software to my computer. “No thanks!”

2 comments on “Ridiculous !!

  1. Jimmie says:

    175 to 195 miles depending on your route. Glass is as plentiful as the sand at the beach. If the local thrift store doesn’t want them, trash them and don’t lose any sleep over it. Some day the political climate will change and we will be forced to go back to the old model of returning bottles to the store to be picked up be the same trucks that delivered them. They will be returned to the factory where they are cleaned and reused. I can’t believe that you can mine the resources and make a bottle cheaper than you clean and reuse one designed to be reused.

    • Thanks, Jimmie, for the feedback. Honestly, I feel guilty throwing stuff in the trash when–in earlier years–I hauled to a recycling location. In Shelby, NC, there was a wonderful site with large open-at-the-top cargo containers. There was a large deck near the top and we walked up steps and then tossed glass into the container according to color: brown, clear, blue, etc. Also a place for cardboard but we had to flatten boxes. Of course, a container for aluminum. I religiously saved… and hauled to the location–provided by the city of Shelby. ~~ On second thought, I think the cargo containers were in a pit because it would have been a hazard for people to climb steps and toss….

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