Out-of-the-ordinary day !!

Three-fifteen: Just got home after a long day of activities in Livingston. So far, the rain hasn’t appeared; a bright sunny day. First thing this morning, I went to  a favorite restaurant for breakfast (an almost never experience). Second (for the first time), I visited a local barber shop for a haircut. With a long wait, a total of two hours… but so much interesting conversation between folks who have lived in this area all their lives. Third, to Angelina College seeking an answer to a nagging question. Fourth, back to Habitat for Humanity ReStore (thrift shop) for a pleasant conversation with the manager. Fifth, a long time browsing in Lowe’s as I attempted to locate hardware to meet my needs for a project. Apparently such an item doesn’t exist. Among other things, I bought “mark down” plants. Sixth: Gas; seventh: groceries. Last (but of great importance) bird seed and sunflower seeds for the birds and squirrels. Later I’ll wrestle (wrestled) the fifty-pound bags to the laundry room. Previously (for years), I’ve stored seed in a fifty-gallon aluminum garbage pail. The new location will be exceptionally nice (imho).

A husband and wife were walking down the street–as I struggled to load one bag on my hand-truck. The man ran to help me. I’m so grateful!! ~~ Now, at five-fifty PM, the seed is safe behind a closed-door and the birds have fresh food. ~~  About seven PM, I’ll walk across the street to the Clubhouse to watch the movie The Greatest Showman. I rarely, rarely, rarely attend Wednesday and Friday night movies but this movie is one I want to see. ~~ An out-of-ordinary day!!

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