Beastly workout !!

When I noticed the neighbor was gone, I ignored my fatigue and hastened to move “his”  things from “my”  place to his. “Neighbor”  has had more than five months to move his stuff.


With exception of first…  above are “before”  pictures; below are “after.”


I am super exhausted but “jumped” at the opportunity to move things. The man seldom leaves his bed, let alone leave the property. I’ll spare you the encyclopedia of information about my neighbor. This one detail: He is not a pleasant person. No, he isn’t ill; he’s a hypochondriac who lays in bed watching television. ~~ Wow!! I had a strenuous one-hour workout!! ~~ If you don’t hear from me for several days, the neighbor killed me?!


I searched for more pictures to document my frustration–and my actions.


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