Thumbs down on TurboTax !!

Today, I’m scheduled to prepare taxes for a neighbor/friend. Having just experienced two BAD days with TurboTax on-line, I drove into Livingston, to Walmart, to purchase TurboTax software to install in my computer. To my amazement (but I should not have been surprised), no TT software. They seem to have narrowed their market to “prepare on-line” on their website. Frankly, I am skeptical about using TT for the neighbor/friend. I purchased H&R Block software package ($24.97). ~~ Question: Is this another example of “big business” getting our personal information, becoming the giant in the industry, raising prices, reduced quality and service?? (Facebook is in the news.) I didn’t mention in the earlier blog messages but TurboTax “expert” assistance was an additional $79.99. We have a problem with their product but are forced to pay $80.00 to talk to a “professional” person!! No thanks!! Intuit/TurboTax has lost this customer.

The H&R Block software was easy to use and I give it high praise!! There wasn’t the slightest hint of a problem and my neighbor/friend’s filing was quickly reported as “accepted” by IRS.

2 comments on “Thumbs down on TurboTax !!

  1. Deb says:

    Sometimes the library or other agencies have volunteers that help with taxes. Small town there, I know.

    • Deb, your comment beneficial for other folks perhaps. Gratefully, thirty years using computers makes me fairly “computer literate.” My recent problem with TurboTax was due to their software. I reached out to an “expert” about T.T.–not my taxes. ~~ My sympathy to 2018 novice T.T. users.

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