Topsy-turvy ?!

Yesterday I wrote about being “so cold.” This morning I awoke feeling “too hot.” ~~ Utter “crazy-maker”  weather!!

….. Yesterday ………. Today ….. (above)

Question: Will my life ever be “normal”?

P.S. 7:00 AM: TV meteorologist says warmer during the week but next weekend a carbon-copy of this weekend. OMG!! Another “damper” on my paid advertisement yard sale? This Saturday: Three visitors, no sales.


P.S. 8:30 AM: Just returned from trip around RV Park to retrieve my “directional” yard sale signs. Several are weather-beaten, rain-soaked, and probably didn’t “direct” anyone my direction; one sign completely disappeared. Two signs were wind-blown (or maliciously maneuvered) so pointing in opposite direction. (Two signs near the CARE Center.)  C’est la vie!


Positive note: This weekend, a thoughtful, considerate, friend brought five bottles for my bottle bushes. I don’t “need” more bottles but sincerely appreciate the remembrance.

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