During yard sale week…

“yours truly” worn her Escapees RV Club name tag and a second badge.


If the visitor/customer did not ask about the badge, I didn’t tell. Here at Escapees Rainbows End RV Park, there are many “deeded lots”  with permanent (and semi-permanent) residents. They came… looking for “yard” items for their property. I met many new folks and many started the conversation with “We are so sorry you had to go through that.”

A new movie is showing in theaters–a movie with the title Acrimony.”  I vaguely knew the meaning of the word but checked dictionaries on the Internet. It is my prayer that wearing the badge (and preparing the website) is not interpreted as “acrimony.”  My desire: Tell interested individuals there’s more to the CARE Center beyond their slick publicity.


FYI: $343.00 received from sales and I’d only advertised in Rainbows End RV Park. Next weekend, I’ll reach Livingston, and the larger area, with an ad in the local newspaper. I’m happy with sales but this is just the first week of many yard sales. It is imperative that I concentrate my efforts (this year) on downsizing!!

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