Eatin’ good in the neighborhood ?!

Seventy-seven dollars for perishable groceries–and no meat. I’m set for next week because I expect to be home every day, all day. ~~ “Image is important?! I don’t want yard sale customers to judge me–or my merchandise– by my dirty car. Therefore: The KIA got a $14.00 bath. Early tomorrow morning, I’ll blow tree pollen off the items in the carport. Ready, set, “show.”



Because it takes me “twice as long” on each project (?!), I believed a good idea to attach sign today. Reinforcement here, lots of twine there, adjust and re-adjust. I was still working on the sign when the first interested individual arrived. Three “lookers” in rapid succession. I’m not opposed to customers today but I’d rather “stick to the plan.” ~~ The wind is whipping the sign and I’m afraid the heavy twine will break or pull out of Duck tape reinforced holes. Before the week is out, more time and energy devoted to the sign?!

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