Last night and this morning….

“The old lady” is very social media illiterate. Someone wrote ICUMI and an interpreter told me “in case you missed it.”  Did you see my message titled Capturing a storm? We had one inch of rain. Today will be cooler and less humid. A beautiful day and I should be working outdoors. Instead, indoor projects and a trip to the Post Office. I ordered from Amazon last week and item was scheduled for delivery on Saturday. Instead… an email saying United Parcel could not deliver and pick up my order at the Post Office. United Parcel made no effort to deliver!! I was home!! No note at my door saying an attempt had been made!! ~~ Oops!! OST (on second thought), United Parcel may not be the culprit. The package was probably “two-day Priority mail” but the “contract mailman” didn’t want to get out of his car and deliver the package across the street to my residence. C’est la vie (that’s life)!!


Found the rain gauge recently.

2 comments on “Last night and this morning….

  1. Deb says:

    You should speak to the postmaster about that. The mailmen here and our mail lady in NH always get out of the car and take larger parcels to the door.

    • Deb, I did not complain to the Post Office. I arrived about three o’clock and there was a l-o-n-g line waiting for two clerks. A few minutes into my wait, a man came from the back and asked if anyone to pick up packages. I held up my card and he retrieved my package. I was glad I didn’t have to wait until the other ten people were served.

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