4 comments on ““Bonus” beauty !!

  1. rachelerinsnanny says:

    They sure are lovely. There are a lot of them at 252 W. Dove also Some of the smaller ones were dying out when I left????? why?Patty

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    • I’ve learned gardening “by the seat of my pants.” This is my first experience with Azalea plants and I’d have to check the Internet for an answer to why dying. I’ll check 252 to see what’s blooming.

  2. Deb says:

    The azaleas have just bloomed in Florida, too. Azaleas can grow like the dickens, so read about trimming and how to preserve buds. I don’t know, or I’d tell you, lol. I chop the crap out of mine whenever they get away from me. But I know if you trim too late, you destroy the buds that are already set for the following season.

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