Good intentions !!

Went shopping–(1st) Lowe’s and (2nd) groceries. The back of my KIA was full of bags and I intended to take a picture. FORGOT in my hurry to get things unloaded and perishables into the refrigerator. Afternoon projects included spray painting planters (for sale). ~~ Brief stop at a thrift shop to drop off donations and buy a few items. I’m always looking for white “milk glass” vases for my red, white and blue patriotic bottle bush/bottle tree displays. (Some for sale if the price is right.) Trivia: The cobalt blue bottles are Bud Platinum premium expensive beer. I bought… and gave to a friend. He drank… and returned the empties.  ~~ One purchase at Lowe’s: Gorilla glue to mend metal base. Another: Spray paint. I rejected the $20.00 expense of a wood dowel for clothes pole in cargo trailer. I’ll use an old piece of PVC pipe, thank you!!



The garden flag display(s) were created while I lived in North Carolina. I prefer “horizontal” flag display versus forty-five degree angle. But wind and weather rendered this base unusable. Hopefully Gorilla glue will live up to their claim it will secure metal.

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