Repetition ?!

As previously stated, I am obsessive-compulsive. Here is another “through the window” (from my easy chair) picture. You won’t find that bird feeder in retail stores because it’s the craftsmanship of a woman with imagination. A gift to Lorraine because she (it) is “for the birds” (lol). The seed is rapidly consumed from this feeder so sunshine on empty glass feeder caught my attention.

“Too much time” spent in the easy chair?! I’m feeling guilty for sitting and not “doing.” I sit (briefly) at the computer and look out the window at work needed in the front yard. I can see “yard sale” items that need to be priced–and organized. All around me–in my trailer home–things demanding attention. I’m overwhelmed!! The move from the CARE Center has taken a toll on me emotionally and physically. Friends and neighbors ask me how I’m doing. I say “super-duper wonderful” because nobody wants to hear a litany about confusion, depression and fatigue.

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