#1 Yours truly gained ten pounds during the four years living at “the other location.” She lost ten pounds in the recent four months. True story: Desserts were always a temptation (at “the other location”); now they rarely find their way into the grocery shopping cart. Perhaps “being sick”  helped shed a few pounds? Or some of the strenuous exercise in the yard?

#2 Due to the extremely cold weather the past two months, the electric bill was $175.32. Another true story: That’s the largest electric bill in my entire lifetime!!

#3 Hughes satellite Internet is unreliable when the weather is cloudy. I’d been informed DISH satellite television is interrupted during cloudy weather but had to experience Hughes outage for myself.

#4 Searching for clip art, and preparing a blog message, taxes my limited energy. This is an aggravating period of frustration for the old lady!!

#5 Gratefully, no dog requiring frequent walks. From my vantage point, I see neighbors, with their pets, walking up and down the street. I pat myself on the back for walking across the street to the mailbox!!

#6 Depressed and discouraged!! Doomed to be sick until the weather warms up??

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