Between rain showers !!

Rain or shine, sick or healthy, “the yard” has a way of shouting at me!! “Nature” pulled me outdoors between rain showers and I trimmed limbs on neglected shrubs. (Neglected because this site unoccupied for several years.) Soon (hopefully), I plan to find my drill (for pilot hole) so two more hooks, centered, can be added for two more bottle displays.


2 comments on “Between rain showers !!

  1. Deb says:

    You can use a big nail and a hammer to make a pilot hole if you can’t find your drill.

    • Yes, Deb, I “can” under other circumstances. This situation is different because I want the hook in the top 2×4 and that location is above my head while standing on a ladder. I don’t want to risk using a hammer and nail above my head!!! Makes sense to me!!!

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