Propane tank is empty !!

“Seventy degrees by the weekend” was the parting comment by Houston TV meteorologist at 6:57 AM. Millions of people will be so grateful when the arctic temperatures are history. My propane tank is empty–so my trailer home lacks the comfortable warmth I enjoyed for a few days. As soon as I publish this message, I’ll wrap up in my Slanket and watch the NBC Today show. (Wearing a coat right now!!)

Washed those dishes last evening after water was restored. Shoulda put them away before taking the picture?! ~~ Only one electric appliance at a time: (1) Electric hot plate to heat water for coffee. (2) “Heat Strip” mounted in the air-conditioner but less effective during extremely cold weather. (In the past, I made the mistake of trying both… at the same time and tripped the breaker.)

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

In a few days, I may work in the yard and find sixty-nine degrees absolutely delightful?!


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