Better Late Than Never on NBC-TV

On Better Late Than Never  Monday evening (last night), Henry Winkler said “As you get older you can either push your boundaries or close yourself off.”  That quotation resonates with me because I must have subconsciously believed that during the four years I lived at the CARE Center.

First: Anything and everything I did, and said, at the CARE Center was meant for the health and well-being of all the residents. For the first-time reader (of my blog), I have practiced holistic health half my lifetime (forty-plus years). I’m a walking encyclopedia of information about health (and I have a library to back it up).

Second: I retired December 31, 1999 from Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, Environmental Health. For ten years, I was secretary for supervisor and inspectors who inspected restaurants and markets. Obviously, I learned all the P’s & Q’s of kitchen sanitation and food preparation. (Granted, Polk County Texas does not have the same requirements.)

Third: For many years, I was a “Health Minister” with Hallelujah Acres. In Los Angeles County, in Lancaster California, I made presentations and demonstrated healthy food preparation. In 2006, I moved to Shelby, North Carolina where, as an employee (at Hallelujah Acres), I gained further knowledge and experience.

I repeat that my heartfelt desire was to share my information with staff and residents at the Escapees CARE Center.

In North Carolina, I began the (foreign to me) experience of “patio gardening.”  I experimented with veggies. At the CARE Center, I expanded my vegetable garden experience and created a blog message website devoted to that endeavor.

Back to the quotation: “As you get older you can either push your boundaries or close yourself off.”  It is impossible for me to “close [myself] off” because I’ve been a volunteer all my adult life. Everything from Sunday School teacher, Cub Scout Den Mother, Band Mother, Community Concert member and Board member, volunteer with Wycliff Bible Translators, volunteer with CARE prior to residency, etc., etc. I’ve been using computers for more than thirty years; I’ve researched, prepared and published two books; my stories appear in many genealogical publications. (Google search Lorraine Frantz Edwards.) I’m not a computer “geek” but able to help others if they encounter problems. I have prepared several websites.  After eviction, it’s obvious I was a “square peg”  that didn’t fit into the “round hole.”

I dislike the perpendicular pronoun  and apologize for its repetition in this message. I respect that my Heavenly Father created a unique individual–not someone stamped out with a  “cookie cutter.” 

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