The “after life” !!

After CARE.

Yours truly had been warned of loss of satellite TV reception during cloudy and rainy weather. Yes, pouring rain!! Pouring rain when I took groceries from the market to my car, from my car to my kitchen. ~~ Old habits die hard!! I saw the two green (matching) bottles at a Thrift Shop recently but didn’t want to pay $4.00 each. I was told Thursday (today) everything would be “half price.”  After that purchase, I went to another Thrift Shop and found another green bottle–and a large butterfly. I suspect I’ll be working on a new garden as soon as weather permits. My plants (in planters) may be dead (after our recent hard freeze) but “bottle bushes” and “bottle trees” will bloom in my yard.


Friday, January 12, 2018: Where, oh where, is my crock pot?? (Buried inside the cargo trailer!!) Gratefully, I had not donated the Magma set of stainless steel cookware purchased at the CARE garage sale in October 2013. 

With 20/20 hindsight, I wish I’d purchased celery but I thought it “too expensive.” Yum, yum, smells good!!



Tuesday, January 16, 2018: Tasty bean soup (simmered with ham bone).


One comment on “The “after life” !!

  1. Deb says:

    I paid a lot more for the Magma set I bought recently, lol…it’s great Crock Pot weather. I’ve been looking at a lot of those types of recipes lately.

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