Adding insult to injury !?

Figures  don’t  lie.”

Saturday, January 6th, in my former mailbox at CARE, a statement for $1,084.13; Tuesday, January 9th, in my new residence mailbox, a bill for $1,166.01. In 2013, I paid the first month in advance. How convenient that the CARE business office has forgotten the resident is required to pay the first month in advance.


Note that I attempted to pay my rent on November 10th but check was voided and placed in my CARE mailbox. The second  check for November rent cleared my bank account on December 20th, 2017.



Please allow me to plead my case: Not that “they” will honor this concept BUT a resident only pays $500.00 for the month if they are traveling and not “at home.” Therefore, a single person’s food, laundry, housekeeping, etc., has a presumed value of $500.00. Under the circumstances (because I was shunned by intimidated residents), I did not eat any meals in the CARE Center in December. I’ve never used laundry or housekeeping services. My December residency was limited to three weeks. Therefore (my arithmetic), the first month’s rent (paid in advance) more than covers the electric expense, several November breakfast’ and a guest meal. **Correct me if I’m wrong.** Furthermore, “they” never credit the departing resident with refund for propane remaining in the large tank (at resident site, for resident convenience). Again, my arithmetic, but I think they owe me. Worst case scenario: I owe CARE $100.13 for November and December electricity. Oops!! Add the November “guest” meal of $6.00. 


FYI: The $16.60 was electricity at my “free” site while a volunteer. At that time, “single individual” monthly rent was $850.00.


Note to Russ regarding propane tank hose.


When I lived in Paris, France (1959-1961), I learned the expression tête de bois”  (wooden head). A kinder way of saying “dumb,” or “stupid”? I confess to a wooden head. Maybe my emotions clouded my vision? Now I see **my** “fuzzy math”!! Debt paid in full?!

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