Handy-dandy man !!

Finally, the propane furnace is working. Strangely, Lorraine is the culprit!! Getting ready for the move, positioning things OFF the slide-out, boxes were stacked beside the front door. Stacked… in front of a vent (one of five). Frustrated from many attempts to repair the furnace, Jim did an Internet search. While reading about thermocouples,” he saw a comment that indicated the problem could be a blocked vent. (I did an exhaustive search in an effort to find the information and add it here as a link. Sorry, I couldn’t find the comment.) Jim phoned me with that information several days ago; I cleared the area almost immediately. Today was warm enough to approach outdoor repairs and Jim was anxious to see if the furnace would function. Believe me, he was so excited to finally resolve the problem. Thumbs up for Jim; thumbs down for Lorraine.

To reinforce the concept regarding vents, here is the exact wording (in red letters) with my new Hughes Internet modem: “Do not block any of the modem’s ventilation openings. Leave six inches around the top and sides of the modem to ensure adequate ventilation.”

Speaking of Hughes satellite Internet: It’s  s-l-o-w!! How many miles do you think it has to travel bouncing from my computer to the satellite and back to my computer? Just curious… so I checked.


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