Plans for 2018

It makes me tired just thinking about all the projects awaiting my time and attention!! Furthermore, thinking about the tasks keeps me awake at night!! It’s 5:00 AM as I start this message. After our extremely cold weather, I may not have any plants to nurture. I will limit my future garden. LOTS of gardening paraphernalia to offer at a “yard” sale; lots to offer “free” in an effort to “downsize.”

Previously, so many donations went to the CARE Center Thrift ‘n Gift shop. Not this year. Previously, all my earthly possessions were bequeathed to CARE, and two life insurance policies. My Will has been revised so the CARE Center is excluded.

The temperature outdoors registers twenty-three degrees but meteorologist’ will say “feels like” is several degrees colder. My indoors temperature is sixty-three degrees. My heaters just can’t compete with the outdoors temperature and warm my little trailer home. I’ll have to go back to bed to get warm. (I’m not complaining; I’m just documenting for “my journal”). Many indoor projects I could/should tackle but “too cold.” 


“If only”… (I hadn’t been evicted) I would be “hanging out” in the warm dining room of the CARE Center.

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