Proofreader here !!

While searching for clip art, and pictures, for forthcoming blog messages, I found this one (left). The “proofreader”  in me spotted the mistake immediately. Strange how these things “pop out at me.”  There was a time in my life when “proofing” was a full-time job.


Promises to be a “good day” !!

Faithful followers of my blog know this is my “journal.” I write about what is meaningful on that day. A new visitor might think “Why write about such tripe?”  Repeat: This is my “journal.”

Off to a good start this morning; defrosted the freezer and washed the few dishes. I’d like to read but not enough light. It is cloudy–and cold (45 degrees outdoors, 69 degrees indoors at ten o’clock). To read, now I rely on sunlight streaming through the window. Remember, my floor lamp is stored in the cargo trailer. “I’d like to read…”  because the book, Stick a Geranium in Your Hat And Be Happy, is such a blessing to me at this time. God’s perfect timing!! Just like sunshine streaming through the window was such an Inspiration. ~~ This morning, an email message from Be In Health sounds like a word from my Heavenly Father.


Still cloudy (and cold) but I managed to read another chapter in Stick a Geranium in Your Hat And Be Happy. Regarding  something I’m familiar with: “stress.”