Furnace frustrations


This week two repairmen (individually) worked on my furnace. One departed, yesterday, proud of his accomplishment. Sadly, the furnace did not operate as the temperature dropped overnight.

Several CARE residents have, likewise, had problems with their propane appliances. For some residents, “oil in the propane” was the diagnosis. My furnace problem still unknown (but we can’t rule out oil in the propane).

Full disclosure: There is a “heat strip” in my air-conditioner that struggles to take the chill off my trailer home.  At 8:00 AM, the indoor temperature is sixty-seven degrees


Late afternoon, I brought the electric heater from storage building to trailer home. Between the two, I’ll be OK. 

2 comments on “Furnace frustrations

  1. Deb says:

    The heat strip is more to take the chill off than to heat the whole rig. I have my propane system serviced and cleaned annually. Spiders and wasps love to make nests in propane systems, and the orifices the system used are super tiny…only takes a speck of debris to clog things up. Remember, too, that you MUST have sufficient 12 volt battery power to run the blower motor. There might well be something wrong with the propane, but I’d put more money on the likelihood that residents haven’t had their systems properly serviced or have old batteries with insufficient charge left. Maybe ask on the Rainbow side what mobile RV repair services they recommend.

  2. […] old lady is choosing to believe a “guardian angel” repaired her furnace. Last Winter, hours (and dollars) spent in an effort to get furnace to work.  I had to rely on the “heat […]

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