“Don’t get mired in it” !!

Words spoken by Megyn Kelly on the NBC Today show this morning. Honestly, I have a propensity for deep emotional involvement in news about tragedies. Remember how upset I was during TV coverage of  hurricane Harvey (local Texas disaster). Then hurricane Irma (Florida), and more recently hurricane Maria destroying Puerto Rico. Now the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas has turned me into a crying “immobilized” human being. I feel “their” pain!! I long to physically jump in and provide some help. “Too old, too frail”; I cannot assist. I can pray; we can pray. Furthermore, I need to take Megyn’s advise and not continue to be “mired” in it. I need to toggle “on” and “off” switches in my daily ritual?!


“The Lord works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.” Today, I wanted to stay in bed and cover my head!! However, a problem developed and I needed to visit my Bank. (I probably should not have been driving??) So (at eleven o’clock), I was out of my trailer home for the first time in two days; I was interacting with people. Second stop: The public library were I hoped to donate some (in my humble opinion) valuable books. “Not interested!!”  But I had a delightful visit with the director (and decision maker). ~~ Home again; feeling less stress.


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