“Necessity is the mother of invention” !!

Yes, the surge protector would have been on the ground. “On the ground” may have contributed to my earlier problems?! The new electric cord is attached under the slide-out so nothing on the ground.

4 comments on ““Necessity is the mother of invention” !!

  1. Marjorie Schinke says:

    Is the surge protector protected from the rain? Ask Jim if it needs to be. I don’t remember. You are making great advances!

    • Marge, the surge protector is protected. Note the last three pictures. First, the surge protector is sitting on the upside-down dish pan. Then I cut the edge (two places) of the plastic flower pot and it is upside-down over the surge protector. Cut-outs for the cord. Then a heavy brick on top of the flower pot so it doesn’t blow away. Since that third picture, an even heavier cement block on top of flower pot. ~~~~ When Jim looked at my handy-woman project, he was full of praise and said it is perfect.

  2. Deb says:

    I would hope it would be secure there in your park but there are also ways to lock those down.

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