Life in the slow lane ?!

No Today today; no Today yesterday; no Today all week!! It is (was) my habit to start my day with the Today show. First thing each morning, turn on the TV. This week, quiet time on my patio with the birds and squirrels. Imagine me sitting in my rocking lawn chair with a cup of coffee (and Zing oatmeal chocolate-chip protein nutrition bar). I thought the “path of sunshine” was worth photographing (because I’m working on a “path to recovery” from overwhelming hurricane disaster). I sit on my patio and thank God for my many blessings!! 

(What’s going on in the world?)

Speaking of pictures: I took the picture that appears on page 82 of the current issue of Escapees magazine. Yesterday, at the noon meal, a friend said “I saw your name in the Escapee magazine.” She showed me the exact location and pointed to my name with the picture. Personally, I hadn’t turned a single page of my issue. On-the-other-hand, my friend read “cover to cover” including “the fine print.” OMG!! 

Yesterday, I took pictures of cement work in front of our Thrift ‘n Gift Shop.


Heat and humidity returned; air-conditioner quit!! Gratefully, October is just around the corner.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

6:00 PM: Unbearable indoors so I planned to work in the yard. Mosquitoes, and ants, were vicious!! Indoors is the lesser of two discomforts!!


3 comments on “Life in the slow lane ?!

  1. Ten Bears says:

    Did you scratch your name in the concrete!?

  2. You did a great job with the pictures and some of them also appear on the Escapees Care Inc Facebook page. Thank you so much. I love the steps you are taking for your recovery! Blessings on you!

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