September Saturday

“Yours truly” is talked out!! Furthermore, I label myself a “basket case”  (depressed). Less time spent in front of the TV set BUT I have a heavy heart. Gratitude for my many blessings!! 



Sept. 2, 11:00 AM: Concern from a friend; she encouraged me to read this blog message, and pray this prayer.

Father, forgive me for feeding my ears a diet of negative news. I can see the truth of how it affects me. I want to listen to You, Holy Spirit. I want Your words alone to sway me. I want to fill my mind and my heart with Your words. I will open Your Word and read it daily. I will read it out loud, so my ears hear it and my spirit is fed and my soul is comforted. Let me fast negative news today and see what a difference it makes in my life. Teach me to pray Your life-giving ways into the news that I hear reported in the future, so that I spiritually act, instead of fleshly react. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.

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