Sunshine peeking through clouds

is in the history books; the statistics are mind-boggling!!

TV news says 100,000 damaged or destroyed homes in the Houston area. Remember the Kingwood H.E.B. market I mentioned in an earlier message? It was destroyed in the flooding; TV cameras portrayed the disastrous aftermath. The death toll is climbing. Many subdivisions are still flooded. Devastation in Beaumont, Texas, and southwest Louisiana. Now Harvey is dumping heavy rain as far East as “the Carolinas.” ~~ Sunshine and clouds here; the ground is saturated but no standing water. I picked up fallen limbs but will postpone other yard work. ~~ Truth be told (a new favorite comment), I sat in the CARE Center garden for several hours praying for our residents, our volunteers, and Staff. (If I’d stayed at home, I would have been distracted by “projects.”) ~~ It’s one-thirty as I publish this and too hot and humid to work in the yard this afternoon. ~~ I’m grateful because I’m “safe and sound” but several residents have leaks, saturated carpet, etc.

2 comments on “Sunshine peeking through clouds

  1. Ten Bears says:

    At not quite a thousand square miles Houston is the largest petroleum and petrochemical production megaplex on the planet. There are laws on the books in Texas that ensure residents do not know what kind of chemicals are next door. Or, now, have leached into the aquifer. You should probably have your and the CARE center drinking water tested frequently over the next several months, indeed switch to bottled water for a while, and be very attentive to any skin irritation.

    The sun “came out” here today too, smoke is still there, just not down to the ground San Francisco fog like. The smaller fires have been contained (though still burn), though several campgrounds were lost, and two resorts will close for the rest of the season. The larger fires on The Rez and in the Jefferson Wilderness will probably now burn till the snow falls. With triple digits (again) forecast this weekend, it isn’t over yet.

    School starts Tuesday! Ya! Grampa gets a couple of mornings a week off!

    • The CARE Center is many miles North of Houston and petroleum production. I believe our water is OK. Personally, I filter all my drinking water with a Zero water filter; I’m very conscious of the need for pure water. ~~ A BIG concern is mold and mildew after Harvey. That will cause major health problems. As a former distributor of EcoQuest air purifiers, I know how to “kill” spores but I encounter indifference at every corner. ~~ CARE is an acronym for Continuing Assistance Retired Escapees, not “care.”

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