Helpless against Harvey ?!

“One-hundred-ten miles per hour wind” was the opening comment I heard when I turned on Houston TV news at 6:00 AM. That was followed by “Thirty inches of rain.” My little postage-stamp-size home and yard is eighty to one-hundred miles from the Gulf. According to the little map, I am two-hundred-eighty-one miles from projected point of landfall. ~~ I took pictures of items that may fall victim to the wind: Antenna, awning, and tarp shelter. In the past, I have published messages about “Lake Lorraine” around, and under, my trailer. If my yard gets flooded, water will enter the storage building. The boxes may not be any safer in the storage building versus the tarp shelter?!

“Sunday night into Tuesday” is most severe time-frame was another comment by Houston TV meteorologist. This is Friday morning; we (I) have time to prepare for Harvey.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ After time & energy in the yard. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


First sprinkles of rain. I sat in my rocking lawn chair, on the patio, and enjoyed the cool comfortable wonderful welcome moderate temperature (still 79 – 80 degrees).


Only a sprinkle.


Texas in the news!!

One comment on “Helpless against Harvey ?!

  1. Deb says:

    Texas sure IS in the news; we’ve seen constant coverage, urging folks to get away form the coast and prepare. I wonder if the campground side received many folks trying to move out of the storm’s path.

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