Highway to Hell

While searching the Internet for information, I found this web link. It has nothing to do with my search but “ties” into my blog message. Texas highway 146 is the thoroughfare at the entrance to the CARE Center. The speed limit is seventy miles per hour (yes, 70 miles per hour). Every individual who pulls out on the highway is taking their life in their hands. Yes, we wait until no traffic in sight before we pull out. However, before we’ve accelerated–heading into Livingston–a vehicle has strangely appeared and riding our bumper. It’s a two-lane highway and very few places to safely pass. Believe me, it’s very scary every time I leave CARE.

I was searching the Livingston newspaper, the Enterprise, for details about an accident–on Sunday–in front of the CARE property. I’m told it was a two car head-on collision. A father and several children were severely injured. I wanted more details before publishing this blog and continued searching…. Here are the details regarding the accident. Just in case the “link” is removed, here is the newspaper article. I attempted to copy the first picture but every attempt failed. See the scene by clicking on details regarding the accident–and very graphic pictures.

This is a prayer request for the family–in the hospital–with multiple injuries and presumably huge medical expense.

Head On Collision on 146 Hospitalizes 4 (1 by helicopter to Houston), LIVINGSTON, August 5, 2017 – At approximately 1:10 pm on August 5, 2017, a red 2007 Chevy Sedan, driven by William Kendall Thompson, 29, of Livingston, was south-bound on US-146 (just south of Providence Road).  Thompson suddenly swerved right to avoid a head on collision with a north-bound 2006 Volvo S40, driven by Ashlyn Drew Strange, 18, of Romayor.  Strange (and another vehicle in front of her) was attempting to pass another north-bound vehicle.  When the vehicle in front of her moved back into the north-bound lane, she saw Thompson.  Both vehicles cut to the shoulder and collided head-on.   Both vehicles came to rest facing northward.  Americare, Allegiance, and Texan EMS Ambulance Services were dispatched to the scene along with the Livingston Volunteer Fire Department, Deputies from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and Troopers Nick Hatton, Colton McQuilkin, and Corporal Ramey Bass with the Texas Highway Patrol.  Thompson had three children in the back seat.  Thompson and two of his children were transported by ambulance to CHI Livingston Memorial Hospital with undisclosed injuries.  Thompson’s other child (small boy) was transported to Hermann Hospital in Houston by PHi Air Medical.  Strange was physically okay.  Traffic on 146  was partially blocked during investigation and cleanup.  This accident remains under investigation by the Texas Highway Patrol.  No citations have been issued at this time.  A rollback wrecker from Ken’s Towing recovered both vehicles and they’ll be stored at Harrison Body Shop in Livingston.

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Another newspaper article about our local animal shelter. Reportedly, Polk County is the poorest county in Texas so fewer funds for worthy causes. ~~ I help in a very small way by collecting aluminum cans. The money from recycled cans goes to the Shelter. I’ve donated lots of items to their Thrift Shop (and I spend money in their Thrift Shop [lol]).

6 comments on “Highway to Hell

  1. Our volunteer Angie found this update on Facebook
    ” Update from Dad

    I want to thank everyone for your continued prayers.
    I have a broke back, and blown out eye socket, my daughter has 2 fractured vertebra, broken left arm, my oldest son has a fractured face and back and my baby boy is in picu with a brain bleed and broken back and fractured skull. We appreciate the prayers.”

  2. This weighs heavy on my heart. I really want to follow details about this family. Seriously, my heart is burdened!! By the grace of God, it was NOT one of the CARE family that pulled out on the highway about that same time.

  3. William Thompson says:

    Thank You for your prayers for my family and yes you are correct with the high medical expenses, my 2 year old boy broke his neck and back fractured his skull and has brain damage so yes it is going to be very expensive. And unfortunately the girl that hit us had state minimum insurance coverage. There has been a gofund me set up for my family and that link is: https://www.gofundme.com/2c6fz-recovery-expenses

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