Panic attack !!

This morning, my air-conditioner stopped working. I played with the controls; I muttered “Oh, no, please don’t quit on me.” (So miserably hot!! Eighty-eight degrees inside my trailer home.) With my phone in my hands, I was ready to call my handyman. Gratefully, before I pushed the button (he’s on speed dial), I thought “Check the breaker.”  Yes, the breaker had tripped–and I turned it on. Embarrassment averted!! I think of myself as “savvy” and capable of maintenance, etc., etc. I would have been so embarrassed if Jim checked the breaker box and toggled the breaker!!

My only accomplishment this morning: Another drink of water for “Bluejack” oak tree. Hot all night, and hot this morning so absolutely no work in the “yarden.”  I’m lethargic; no energy–but I’m not having a “pity party.” According to TV-weather reports, half the nation is experiencing extremely high temperatures. Medford, Oregon, broke a record, and many other California and Oregon communities. (I only mention Oregon and California because my “home states” but a dozen other states suffering too.) Heartfelt sympathy to friends and family suffering the heat!!

One comment on “Panic attack !!

  1. Deb says:

    Was this the same breaker you had replaced before?

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