Mundane morning ?!

One morning with cooler air YESTERDAY. Mentally, I’m geared toward improvement of the appearance of my yard. Wishful thinking: I anticipated another pleasant morning TODAY. It started cool but I was wringing wet with sweat by eleven o’clock. Mundane tasks like filling bird feeders, fresh water in the fountain; one-way conversation with Mr. Frog. ~~A phone call to my “handyman” because my air-conditioner was making funny noises–and not cooling. Well-l-l-l, the “cold front” that came through caused the A/C to “freeze up.” Temporarily, inside the trailer hotter than outdoors. A/C seems to be working fine at 2:40 PM. Ninety-three degrees outdoors, eighty-two degrees indoors (at 2:40). Extremely humid so we can add another ten degrees for “feels like” temperature. ~~ Nap time (too much exercise)?

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