Clone me ?!

One PM, just arrived home–from lunch in the CARE dining room–and I must document (for my “journal” [lol]) I’ve been approached about “save a tree.” It seems one of the CARE residents is unhappy with the tree in her front yard so a new tree will be delivered tomorrow. The Maintenance Supervisor asked if I want it “before I throw it on the burn pile.” Naturally I agreed to take the tree (one-and-one-half years young) and give it “tender loving care.”  (I should have my head examined?!) 

I’m a “plain” person; I’m not into cosmetics, etc., etc. “The tree” does not look attractive because it is disfigured from recent wind storms. I had assured the CARE resident that it would outgrow the problem “with tender loving care.” Apparently TLC has fallen to me?! (One more project!!)


Pat on the shoulder; postscript: 10:30 AM, July 26th, and the Supervisor has been a “no-show.” (Yesterday, he said “Don’t do anything until I look at the site.”) It was a good idea (pat on the back) but too late (and too hot) to make plans to dig a hole. 

One comment on “Clone me ?!

  1. Deb says:

    It’s a young tree now, but remember as it grows, the roots and limbs will also grow…roots will seek water, they will lifts sidewalks and concrete. Limbs that scrap roofs or that can fall on your home during a storm need to be trimmed. Shade is good, bit TOO much shade will kill your grass. The right amount might help cool your rig in the summer. And make sure it’s not a Sycamore or some really annoying tree (their drop little spike mine balls by the millions, I swear).

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