Exhausted !!

The reader is undoubtedly weary of my complaint about being exhausted. Well, this is my “journal” and I write about what’s on my mind. During the day, I dream about getting a good night’s sleep. At night, I’m wide awake because my mind is thinking about the computer projects. I need to be twins so I can accomplish all the tasks awaiting my time and attention!! ~~ This morning, I took pictures of the clutter (lots of boxes) and admit I’m ashamed to publish the images. 


As curious as it may seem, searching for clip art, and preparing a blog message, is relaxing (somewhat relaxing). For a few minutes, it takes my mind off “the elephant in the room.” ~~ Gardening is a joy but that is limited to a couple of hours, early morning. The heat and humidity is depressing!! Perhaps my imagination but I think worse this summer.

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