Detour !!

“Your’s truly” is up to her ear lobes–in–with the Frantz and Brubaker surnames. Strangely, in the 1850 Census, three young “Ginovan” children are listed in the home of one of my ancestors. So I’ve spent a couple of hours trying to trace these children. The thought crossed my mind they might have been from The Orphan Train. So I did a Google search and read a number of web sites… but that program didn’t start until 1854. That wasn’t the answer and I am still curious. (I may keep searching.)

Blistering HOT today!!

(Much later.) I checked neighbor’s names (next page of 1850 Census on copy of original record) and another Ginovan is nineteen years old and listed as a laborer. Kept looking! Another page and I found John Ginovan, age forty-five, also listed as a “laborer” (for a farmer).

After decades familiarity with the Frantz surname, and numerous collateral lines, I “knew” this was NOT a twig on my tree. That’s why I was so curious about the name–and the family. I’ll never know the details but I believe my ancestor(s) opened their home(s) as Good Samaritans.

Eight o’clock PM and this bit of weather news: The power went out about ten minutes ago. Obviously, no air-conditioning!! I’m able to continue this message on battery power. The wind is shaking the trailer violently!!  I’ll publish this message and then go next-door to  sit on their porch and visit with my neighbors.


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