Reading old letters

Is it acceptable to say “I love my letters”?? For me, it is so interesting to read about activities in years past. Today, the following letter was important enough I made a special copy for a blog message. Letter written 28 Oct 1996

A recently scanned, recently read, letter refreshed my memory. I’d been saying that my computer “crashed” (in 1996) and I was so discouraged I didn’t want to rebuild the database one-by-one. Well, I read it was a “virus” that infected the computer, and the backups.

Letter never mailed Perhaps I decided not to burden Christian friends with negative thoughts? I have an enormous file folder full of details regarding my seventeen months working for Walmart (Englewood, Ohio). I hate Walmart!! (Can I be sued for saying that?) Only yesterday, I repeated a statement I’m fond of saying: “I’d rather pay one-third more at another retailer than buy at Walmart.” My recent grocery shopping, for example, probably cost more because fewer stores in that chain.

Good news!! I’m almost to the bottom of another box of family history research notes and correspondence. ~~ One box prepared to mail to Brethren Heritage Center, Brookville, Ohio.

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