Interesting day !!

There are treasures stored in these many boxes?! Look at this beautiful lady (Ruth Frantz). Because my name was circulated (as a Frantz researcher), a lady sent this to me. Letter and picture from Linda Wells dated Jan 1997  ~~ Yes, I know which branch of the family tree. ~~ I haven’t accomplished much today; I spent hours on documenting families from my recently viewed correspondence.

Postscript, Memorial Day Monday, May 29: I hate Ancestry!! “Armchair researchers” can build their “tree” in a few hours. They seem oblivious to obvious mistakes. Along comes Lorraine–with the desire to establish lineage–and she sees errors and duplicates*. Yesterday (most of the day) attempting to correct members of the Frantz family. To each individual, I added a web link reference to Frantz Families–Kith & Kin, with volume and page number. (FF-KK was well researched, and well documented, checked and double-checked.)

*Duplicates: Twenty-four sons and daughters by two wives; identical, or almost identical, names and birth dates. One wife was erroneous; children names, and records, were merged. Time consuming!!

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