Two short trips…

“No, I didn’t put any mileage on the KIA.” I digressed from the scanning because I encountered a “challenge.” I wanted to identify the individuals listed on a typewritten page (unknown contributor). I spent hours (and hours) on trying to identify the people.  Hand drawn family chart and Marshall Frantz family outline. He’s on this “shelf” of the digitized library. (Click the images to enlarge.)


The next scanning project I picked up also intrigued me: “Who is Alfred A. Frantz married to Rosebud Yellow Robe? What’s his lineage?” Find the information on this shelf of my new digitized library

**If** I take too many “side trips,” I’ll never get to the end of the scanning project?!

Shortly before four AM as I publish this; couldn’t sleep.

P.S. It’s called “Armchair Research.” I did my original research “the old-fashioned way.”


One comment on “Two short trips…

  1. Ten Bears says:

    And what of Rosebud Yellow Robe’s lineage?

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