Thirty years ago…

It’s 3:35 AM as I start this message. Couldn’t sleep; too much on my mind!! Perhaps you’d like to read a letter I found during my scanning project yesterday? True story: I can approach preparation of a blog message at three, or four, o’clock (in the morning) but scanning, etc., etc., works best when I have sunshine flooding through the windows. The print, and handwriting, is easier to read. 

Letter written 18 Jun 1987 regarding ruptured appendix

Sometimes I have the amusing thought that my life is like a hamster running around and around on the wheel. It appears that my life experience is going in circles, repeating itself.

Can’t sleep; so many memories!! The letter reminds me, thirty years ago I was living in a rented bedroom, in the home of friends. They’re gone now (Leland and Christine), and most (if not all) of my genealogy contacts are gone. I’m rushing to save my files of research(ed) material. I wonder if anyone is “saving” the files of Lowell Beachler, Gladys Royer, and so many other genealogy “cousins.”  

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