Can’t get there from here ??

My eyes are popping out of their sockets. I’ve done Internet searches; I’ve read so many articles!! I’m trying to learn how to move the scanned documents to the website; I’m aiming at a target. I’m not planning to do any more scanning until I have an answer. (Oops, too many perpendicular pronouns!!)

4 comments on “Can’t get there from here ??

  1. Jimmie says:

    Since your website is hosted by a company, weebly, they hold the key and the answer. first – do you have an account second – if you do, your account should have a front end that allows you to edit the contents of the website. third – there should be a simple drag and drop process to add files Regardless, you should look no further than weebly for the answer to “how do I upload files”

    For me, since my website is controlled by me, and hosted by a provider of my choice, I have to build the entire site on my computer and then transfer the files using FTP software (File Transfer Protocol) to the server that I have leased from a service provider.

    On Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 4:52 AM, Three Quarters & Counting wrote:

    > Lorraine Edwards posted: “My eyes are popping out of their sockets. I’ve > done Internet searches; I’ve read so many articles!! I’m trying to learn > how to move the scanned documents to the website; I’m aiming at a target. > I’m not planning to do any more scanning until I have an answ” >

    • Dear Jimmie,

      Yes, Weebly owns the website I am trying to develop but Frantz Families–Kith & Kin is with them (and paid for until 2021). I’m not a master at website preparation but I usually get from point A to Z.

      My problem isn’t with Weebly or the new website (imho). My problem (repeat: MY problem) is how to get a hyperlink from a PDF file.

      I use PaperPort software (came with the HP scanner) to scan the family history. I’ve read everything (twice) in their instructions guide. Everything is working fine between–and with–the new Dell laptop and the HP scanner.

      I tried Adobe Acrobat for a week and believed that was the “link” I needed–but without success. Maybe the answer is very very simple and I just can’t see it?? I don’t know how to achieve a hypelink for the page or, in some cases, the book I scanned. (I understand hypelinks. I was in a college computer class when they were first introduced.)

      My problem: I want to control the information; I want it on my website–linked to the Frantz Families–Kith & Kin website (by hyperlink).

      My understanding at this time: My scanned documents can effortlessly go up on “the cloud” via numerous vendors. Then the page or document is searchable and available. However (true story), to find “Margie Sink” someone might have to search over nine million links (after a Google search).

      The answer may be very simple and I’ll feel like a fool when someone tells me how to “do” it.

      I had a dear friend here at CARE that I could talk to about computers, genealogy, and dozens of other topics. He died quite suddenly a week ago. We attended a Memorial Service for him this past Saturday afternoon. I miss him so much (we all will)!! The project that I’ve tackled is “too deep” for most of the CARE residents. They had to consult with George about problems with their “dumb” phone; they are not interested in computers.

      I wrote about the Adobe Acrobat purchase on a recent blog message. After the purchase, I spent a day trying to “go deeper” in AA and could not find the answer I wanted. I sent them an email and they cancelled my subscription and indicated the $200.00 would be refunded.

      My trailer is stacked with boxes; I can barely move around. Things got wet in a recent rain storm. Pages have been spread out to dry. ~~ My yard needs lots of attention. I haven’t planted veggies. To be very honest, I’m falling apart physically and emotionally.

      I appreciate your comments!! Thanks for listenlng to my lengthy explanation.

  2. Ten Bears says:

    You are approaching it from the wrong direction. Take a break. The information you want to acquire is already out there (Kith ‘n Kin). Generate your links as you would to one of your blog posts here, or to your other weblogs. The data you are scanning, however, need be acquired by the website you are creating using a frontend such as WordPress or the platform your provider provides. The scanned data are images, not unlike photographs, and you wpuld acquire that data as you would photos.

    Jim is right, it should just be a drag and drop.

    • Sorry, TenBears, it does not “drag and drop.” Believe me, I have tried everything. I’ve learned how to split the screen so two programs, on the screen at the same time. This morning, I’ve been searching the Internet and found several freeware converters from PDF to HTML. I’m about to download one that seems to have good reviews. (I don’t know why I didn’t find these converters several days ago. I guess I was using the wrong key words in my search for information.)

      The last few days, I’ve been exchanging emails with one source (that originally did not list cost) and, bottom line, very, very expensive!! I wrote: “Thanks but no thanks.”

      I’m not happy with the website I’ve been developing. All of the wizards are so complicated!! I just want something simple. I’ve searched for simple templates.

      Weebly has changed their structure since I created FF-KK. It’s so complicated, I’m afraid to do anything on that site. I have a premium account (paid until 2021) with Weebly so that’s why I went back to Weebly for a second site.

      I’ve got a tiger by the tail and can’t let go!!

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