Roller coaster ?!

Roller coaster of emotions!! Frustration when I can’t get things to work for me offset with excitement when I finally looked at a document in PDF format and it was “searchable.” I’d made progress: Hallelujah!! I must admit the process is getting easier. However, I am a stickler for “quality control” so I look at each page of the document after it is scanned. Sometimes I scan pages two or three times before I’m satisfied. I’m still working on that same first box. “Yes,” scanned paper, and unnecessary paper, is going into the trash.

Tonight, I spent an hour reading (with difficulty) a poor quality photocopied narrative written by Uncle Ralph, my father’s brother. He told of hardships of my grandparents trying to farm in Iowa, North Dakota, Alberta, Canada, and several location in California. I’d never heard those details from my father… (it’s a story I won’t burden you with). Lots of “pioneering” for my grandparents; I have a soft life by comparison.

One folder (that will go into the trash): Photocopies of checks, and correspondence, after I published LaVerne Evergreen Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions. Whatever possessed me to keep that information?? (See why I’ve called this project a “crazy maker”?) Some day I hope to get that book uploaded to the Internet. My publication, Frantz Families — Kith & Kin, is already on the World Wide Web. Eventually, Lord willing, I’ll send all my scanned documents (in searchable form) to the Internet.

It’s almost midnight; I can’t seem to tear myself away from the computer!! Daylight Saving Time is not agreeing with me. I’m two hours off schedule now. I was usually always up before seven AM. Now, I can’t get started until nine!! I’m “wide awake” right now, maybe because I’m immersed in this scanning project. Well, comparison-wise, I usually went to bed at ten so I guess I’m experiencing that two-hour time shift?! ~~ I’m preparing the blog message because sufficient light. I need “day light” when handling handwritten pages, photocopied pages typed with a typewriter decades ago, and pages printed with a dot-matrix printer twenty years ago.

I sympathize with folks in the Mid-West and North East. Terrible Winter weather conditions just a few days before Spring. Weather is nice here and I’d love to be working in my “yarden.”

Good night.

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