Learning curve !!

With Our Island Ancestors, I have a “road map” (so to speak). I can check one against the other.

The scanner is supposed to support the document feeder but I haven’t learned how to use it yet. At present time, I am lifting the lid for every page and scanning on the “flat-bed.” Time consuming and laborious!! At this rate, it will take me a week to scan this book and ten years to scan my vast collection of family history. I’m doing a limited number of pages at a time (learning curve) and find that “append” does not add the pages at the end of the earlier endeavor (same file name). So I’ve lost a lot of time moving pages to their proper location!! Furthermore, the scanned images say one-hundred-ten pages but I’ve only scanned ninety-two pages, I cannot account for the other pages!! ~~ It’s one-forty-five as I publish this and report that I am able to “multi-task” between two computers and one scanner!! No breakfast and no lunch.

2:00 PM: Gratefully, on the Internet, I found the manual for the scanner. I’m heating a can of soup, and will read the documentation. I hope to learn how to use the document feeder.

2:45 PM: I’m delighted to report I’ve found the necessary information, and practiced, and now know how to use the document feeder with two-sided pages.

4:00 PM: Our Island Ancestors is completed!!

5:00 PM: On closer examination (of Our Island Ancestors) I see my scanning project would require a lot more work if I wanted to publish it to the Internet. Oh well, it was an excellent learning tool.

One comment on “Learning curve !!

  1. Julie says:

    Nicely done, Lorraine.

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