Trivia: “Snuggie” is a blanket !!

On the NBC Today Show (this morning approximately 8:15) I learned there has been a controversy: “Is it clothing or a blanket?”

snuggle-blanketI love my Snuggie!! True story: I was snuggled in my Slanket while watching the TV program!! Bottom line: The controversy developed over the way it is taxed. Because it has sleeves, “the powers that be” want to tax it as clothing. I searched the Internet but couldn’t find the story; we’ll just have to accept Today’s statement (it’s a blanket).


postscriptSeven-thirty PM: “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.”  I searched…, I found…!! Here’s a news article about the argument.



triviaWent shopping, today, for fifty pound bag of bird seed. why-question-markJust one of four very important items (on my “To Do list”). Honestly, I even procrastinate about a fifteen-miles round-trip into Livingston!!

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