Drama on my street !!

First let me show you my indoor-outdoor thermometer with morning and afternoon temperatures.

Temperature almost seven AM

Temperature at two PM


bad-odorSecond: I’m “sick” as I type this!! I am so sensitive to odors–and I’ve been inhaling diesel fuel the last few minutes. A brand new trailer was delivered to my brand new neighbors. I took fourteen pictures but will only share eight pictures. Here’s my unsolicited opinion: These thirty-year-old RV sites were not designed for forty-foot trailers with three or four slide-outs. My specific little street is very narrow and there are three long ramps angling from porch to the street.

Empty site

The first of many attempts

You're going to hit the tree (1)

You're going to hit the tree (2)

From the other side

Third or forth attempt

Finally positioned thirty minutes later

Neighbor's trailer set up


Let me repeat: I am so “sick.”  The odor of diesel still hangs in the air an hour later!! My eyes are watering, I have a monster headache; I am on the verse of vomiting!! I’m going to hit “publish” and then take a long walk to clear my head.




~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ron's new trailer arriving

Ron's new trailer set up

exclamation-mark-and-question-mark-in-red-useShould I anticipate eviction because I live in a shabby old trailer??

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

postscript7:30 PM: “How sick?”  I went to Dollar General and purchased a pint of Blue Bell ice cream and ate it all in one sitting!! I do not recall ever doing something so foolish. I reject desserts; I attempt to “eat healthy.” (Comfort food?)

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