Two steps forward, three steps back !!



Three steps back

Yours truly had shifted into second gear working on her downsizing project. Everything looked good for the hours and days ahead. There was expectation that items would sell–or be given away “free”–to interested neighbors. I’d spent hours preparing advertisements subsequently sent to the RV Park email.  “Too frequent [messages posted], too many pictures,” etc. Reading the rejection forced me into neutral. I’m depressed and discouraged!! (Everything “free” or “make offer”!! )

Catalog case

Computer camera



Propane bottles

Three refillable propane bottles

Awning stabilizer kit

Tow easy

Answer machine and more


Pandora's box of computer things

Tables with free stuff


white-stick-figure-with-box-of-donationstwo-stepsJust a few pictures that accompanied Internet links to descriptions of the item. Next step: Load things into my KIA and deliver boxes to one or more Thrift Shops.

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